“Dr. Singh and Jessica Allison, NP are an amazing team. So impressed with their professionalism and expertise. I recommend this office to all loved ones who seek GI care. Their knowledge in the field far exceeds other GI doctors I’ve encountered. Wouldn’t trust anyone else.”

– Linda Bojaj


“Dr. Singh is an amazing doctor. He is caring and kind and compassionate. He doesn’t beat around the bush or give you the run around. He is straight forward and honest with you and he takes your health and issues to heart, and he works long and hard to find the best possible solutions for you. It took me over 10 years to find even 1 doctor to listen to me and believe me that something was really wrong. Every doctor dismissed me. Except Dr.Singh. I probably would be dead if it wasn’t for him and his persistence in helping me and wanting to give me back my life! I really can’t praise and thank this man enough. My family has met him too and absolutely love him. They love how compassionate he is in talking with me. He genuinely cares. I’ve never seen a doctor care as much as he does. My quality of life means a lot to him and he wants to give that back to me! Even on his free time he is thinking about new treatments and ideas to make me better. I highly recommend this doctor if you need a gastroenterologist. There is no one better! He will listen and he will do whatever he can to help you because he truly cares about you and your health!
Thank you Dr. Singh! You are saving my life!!!

– Sincerely, Kaycee

“I am so thankful I was referred to Dr Singh. I was beginning to think no physician would be able to help me. I can not emphasize enough, how much he has helped me get my life back.”

– Stacey


“Dr. Singh is one of the nicest, caring doctors I have encountered. He really works with his patients, explains everything in a way that anyone could understand and seems so passionate about what he does. I only wish he was a General Practitioner, so he could be my regular go-to doctor (although I do really like my current Primary doctor also). I would recommend Dr. Singh to anyone who needed a gastroenterologist.”

– Carolyn H.


“Long drive to see them but I wouldn’t go anywhere else! They are the best two doctors and NP that I HAVE EVER FOUND!”

– Lisa Stevens


“I just had my first appointment with Dr. Singh and was very impressed! He’s very patient, kind, and knowledgeable. The P.A. I spoke with was also superb. So glad I found this doctor!!”

– Cathy Rudd